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Sound and Movement. Single-page website for professional performer, Alice Presencer.


" I am very pleased with my website built by Developyn, not only do they have impressive technical and communicative abilities but they also worked hard with me to deliver my artistic concept for my site. "

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Alice performing for the Andreas Emenius Exhibition, Copenhagen, 2019.

Alice Presencer is an international, multidisciplinary artist who is trained both as a singer and a dancer. In May 2018 she finished her degree in Voice and Dance and received a double first-class honours degree at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick. In dance, she trained in Trinity Laban and the Dansehallerne. For singing, she trained and performed Jazz, Classical and Contemporary repertoire, both in ensembles and as a soloist.

Alice has worked in many different areas of performance in both mediums as a performer, facilitator, teacher, choreographer, creative associate and director.

We approached Alice to ask her if she would like a website; our staff knew her from University and we wanted to help her grow her online presence. Delighted, Alice began giving us all the criteria she wanted to meet when it came to building her ideal website!

Bespoke design to deliver a truly artistic profile.

Alice wanted us to create a bespoke website for her, one that would act as an online portfolio with a Contact Form, detailing who she was, what she does and where she has worked! Alice also wanted to advertise her online teaching and thought this new website would be the perfect opportunity, so we were also tasked with creating a section to promote this service.

Besides information, we wanted to create a site that almost looked like an “art gallery” with good spacing and minimalist design. Our client had plenty of experience, and content to help make it a possibility. We made it priority to organise the content, and create a clear, mutual vision for Alice’s website so we could complete the project effectively.

We set out with the following goals in mind:

  • A single-page design that followed a minimalist-artistic theme. Achieved through a carousel-styled hero banner, bold black and white colour scheme and sporadically placed tiled images, as well as various 'slider', 'carousel' and tabbed features to make effective use of space.
  • An “About the Author” section. Detailing important facts of our client's life, informing the visitor who she is, on and off-stage, featuring an “artistic philosophy” with another carousel of images to its side.
  • A “Current Projects/Services” section. This section must detail Alice’s current artistic projects as well as her vocal/dance lessons and workshops. With all that information, we decided on a series of sections separated in a tabbed format, allowing for user selection. This is to support the one-page design without flooding the section with information. This section must also be ready to easily update with relevant information in the future.
  • A smooth on-site contact form. This must allow visitors to contact our client through email, with the option to leave a message and a subject. We also implemented the back-end handling to allow efficient delivery of these emails.
  • A portfolio section to reflect Alice’s work throughout the years. This is where the visitor would be able to see simple, clutter-free information on each project with relevant links. A tile/blog-style format will ensure concise yet engaging delivery of a lot of information.

A smooth, artistic design efficiently displaying information in a one-page format.

Alice’s website was launched on April 22nd, with our team supporting the page on social media alongside our client. Alice was overjoyed with the time and effort put into this project, and we were proud of the final product and its reception on completion.

This project may have been small; however, it was an interesting task as it allowed us to create a product that was different to anything else that we would have usually created. It was a fantastic demonstration of how we at Developyn can be versatile with our clients and the work they request from us.