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Plumbing engineers with a unique solution for reverse engineers.

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Working with Melvyn and Kearns and the team was an absolute pleasure. They designed my website and guided me through everything making it all simple. Thanks again guys and hope we can continue working together in the future.

Category page for boilercop, allowing for filtering, sorting and separation of products.

We were contacted by BoilerCop via Instagram requesting a quote for an e-commerce website. BoilerCop supplies different boiler parts for both commercial and domestic use. Not only this, they are also qualified plumbers & gas fitters themselves. One of the main features BoilerCop requested for their website was a contact form that allowed images to be attached so the user could provide a visual example of their boiler’s issue allowing for BoilerCop to recommend the exact part you would require for a hassle-free repair.

After discussing various options, BoilerCop decided a full e-commerce solution would be the best for what they required as it allows for full control over the complicated products and categories they would be adding and a powerful search engine for their users to easily find parts in different ways.

Fully functional e-Commerce with added features.

Once we were all satisfied with the layout of the wireframe we began designing the website which, to BoilerCop’s request, we kept simplistic for all ages and tech skill levels to use. A powerful search option was a must to allow users to find exactly what they're looking for with ease. Users can search for specific part numbers, vague descriptions of products, filter on brands or attributes such as colour and size or a combination of all of the above. The system was designed to be as intelligent as possible to cater for all possibilities.

For those wanting quick access, a custom part finder was also built for those with the know-how to use and find quickly what they need for that all important repair.

The website is also equipped with a fully functioning cart and checkout that is not only super secure with Stripe integration but gives two separate prices, with VAT and without VAT for business owners to track their own costs easily all while keeping the interface user friendly.

We set out with the following goals in mind:

  • Simple design for all to use. The website was designed with both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy users in mind.
  • Custom contact form with image upload functionality. To allow users to upload images of their current boiler if they required assistance choosing a product.
  • Advanced search functionality. Users should be able to find products using part numbers, brands, pre-defined tags provided by BoilerCop and general descriptive text.
  • Detailed product pages. Each product displayed under its own category with optional attributes (size, colour, wattage etc), brand information, clear description and a gallery of images.
  • Admin dashboard. BoilerCop can add and manage their own products on the website having control over description, name, price, tags, attributes, brand and images just to name a few.

BoilerCop live for both customers and engineers to use.

BoilerCop was released in November 2020 with support from our side on social media. BoilerCop are expert plumbers & gas fitters and have taken a new look on reverse gas engineering. They are able to locate different plumbing related issues with only a picture and have a vast amount of knowledge within the plumbing industry to pinpoint what the issue is and which part(s) will be required to fix it. If you are currently having problems with your heating system and need advice to fix it we would highly recommend contacting them for their recommendations!