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DoD Property Services is a family-run property maintenance service that specialises in bespoke carpentry for home improvements. Bespoke wardrobes, bannisters and doors, DoD can do it all and then some. No job is too big or too small and with years of experience as a tradesman, a challenge is always welcomed and met head-on by DoD Property Services.

DoD is also partnered with another of our clients Prestige Business Services who have their own section on DoD’s website. DoD offers rent to rent agreements and guaranteed rental agreements which allows property owners guaranteed rent for a fixed period of time.

We approached DoD after noticing they were missing a website on their Facebook page. DoD had a website but required a new one that was more up to date and informative of the wide range of services they offer.

Testimonials, visuals and a large sum of information for future clients.

Our goal was set to create a simple, easy to use and informative website for DoD to show what they offer, reviews from previous happy customers and examples of their expertly crafted bespoke carpentry with a self-updating gallery linked to their Facebook page. Another main focus for DoD was client accessibility, something easily solved with our custom contact form solution.

We set out with the following goals in mind:

  • Informative and simplistic design. Both old and young homeowners require DoD services so it's best to capture both. There is a large number of keywords within the rich text which is brilliant for SEO.
  • Easily accessible testimonials. With plenty of brilliant feedback from their years of service, it had to be shown, we achieved this by displaying DoD’s testimonials via a simple My Work Man link.
  • Updating Facebook gallery integration. DoD is very active on their social media so it only made sense to integrate their visual updates from their Facebook page to their website for new and old client’s to view.
  • Easily available contact forms. These were placed at the bottom of each page to allow the potential client easy access to DoD for quotes or questions.

Early results from a new website with a new domain.

DoD Property Services was released on 26th August 2020. A little after release we were informed that DoD already started to receive enquiries from their contact form which is always great to hear from a new website.

DoD is full of information about the services they and their partners offer. Their website goes to show that large sums of correctly constructed content does wonders for SEO and Google ranking. Go and follow DoD on their Facebook page for updates, fun videos and news regarding their business. If you live in the West Midlands and ever in need of a carpenter or home/renovator, we wholeheartedly reccommend them.