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We began MyGymChecker in August 2020. After reaching out to them on social media, they came back to us with a query as to whether we build comparison sites. Being as passionate about web design and development as we are, we jumped at the opportunity to walk new avenues and build something we had never attempted before. Built on the request of an area manager for a large and well-known gym chain, this project aimed to bring about an online service in which a visitor could filter compatible gyms based on their location and their specific requirements.

Gym comparison website and an admin dashboard.

Our goal was to allow MyGymChecker users to quickly be able to search for gyms within their local area via postcode while filtering down to the facilities that matter for them. Searching for gyms with specific facilities such as changing rooms, tennis courts or personal trainers is simple and quick. You can compare gyms on price, range of facilities and even check reviews of each gym to find the best one for you. Once you’ve found a gym, all the information you need to sign up and join is provided along with google maps integration so you know exactly where to go.

Gyms owners themselves can log into the purpose built dashboard to add and manage their own gyms on the site. They can select which facilities they have, manage membership subscription packages and add information such as address, images and a description of the gym itself.

We set out with the following goals in mind:

  • Responsive gym search. Users can search for gyms within their local area via postcode.
  • Facility filtering. Gyms can be narrowed down by which facilities they have available.
  • Informative gym cards. Each gym card has its own description, review rating, location, membership prices and link to their website.
  • Bespoke Gym dashboard. Gym owners can request access to the dashboard to add their own gyms to the website and manage what information they display.
  • Admin dashboard. Admins can log into the same dashboard as Gym hosts to manage gym hosts, monitor referrals, respond to review disputes, among other features.

Realised with awaiting users and social media advertising.

MyGymChecker was completed in November 2020 and released with the help of social media. The owner had some gyms ready to be added to the website and started releasing sponsored ads on Facebook to promote it. MyGymChecker is a brilliant tool for both avid gym goers to find their perfect gym for the best price and for gym owners to get their gym on the map. If you are looking for a gym but don’t know where to start we would highly recommend using MyGymChecker to save you hours of research on your gym finding quest!