About Us.

Tech solutions for your business should cover its complex needs without being complicated.

Developyn is a team of Full-Stack Web Developers, based in Stourbridge, with extensive knowledge in web design and software development. We have IT consultants that have worked alongside the likes of Unilever and are currently consulting for IKEA in Malmö.

Our mission is to bring the benefits of tightly integrated, intuitive and cutting edge features to your business to help push you further. With over 30 projects under our belt, our range of experience continues to grow year upon year. Whether we're working with the likes of IKEA and Unilever or small local businesses, we aim to bring our absolute best to every project.

Get to know the Developyn team.

Melvyn Mathews - CEO

Melvyn founded Developyn in September 2016. He is the CEO of the company and is the driving force behind the internal works, keeping a sharp eye on quality control and works closely with our junior engineer learning efforts. Melvyn is currently consulting for IKEA as a Full-stack developer and as a tech lead.

James Miller - COO

James joined Developyn in January 2018. He is responsible for the smooth running of the company's projects, planning future projects and helping junior engineers step up to the next level. James recently consulted for Unilever as a tech lead and is now consulting with IKEA as a Full-Stack Developer.

Ben Chambers - Front-End Developer

Joining Developyn in June 2019, Ben is a passionate Front-End web developer with experience working on a wide range of projects from social betting applications to environmental NGOs. Currently, Ben is consulting for IKEA in Malmö as a Front-End Developer.

Lewis Howl - Developer

Joining Developyn in October 2019, Lewis is a vital member of Developyn's internal team. Lewis is our internal lead developer and has extensive experience as a Front-End and Back-End developer on a multitude of client and internal projects such as our own website. Lewis also trains our Junior Developers by reviewing their work and giving them advice from his first-hand experience.

Alex Stefanou - Full-Stack Developer

A keen problem solver with a thirst for knowledge; Alex joined Developyn January 2020 and within the year rapidly progressed to a full-stack developer. After maintaining a role as a lead member of the internal Product Team helping bring clients' dream web apps to life, Alex is now a consulting Full-Stack developer at IKEA.

Kearns Boniface - Developyn Manager

Kearns joined the team in March 2020 and manages the internal projects of Developyn. His main responsibilities include communication with clients and within Developyn, managing the team of skilled and junior developers and working on HR-related tasks alongside our CEO and COO. His favourite aspects of the job are working closely with talented developers and having an open space to gain knowledge and progress.

Jack Vowles - Scrum Master

Joined Developyn in early May 2020. He has played a key role in our marketing team with his editorial skills. Along with migrating to a new role as a Scrum Master, Jack has been heavily involved in the design and organisation of both client and in-house projects.

Bradley Marsh - Full-Stack Developer

After a month long internship at IKEA developing a sanity test framework, Brad joined Developyn in September 2020. Brad has worked on a wide range of projects in his short time being a developer, including a gym comparison site, our internal admin dashboard, building parts of our fully self-hosted WordPress service and SondarUK's public website.

Wesley Barrett - Junior Developer

Wesley joined the team in November 2021. He is currently training to become a full-stack developer while consulting on client projects. His favourite aspect of the job is working and communicating with colleagues to complete client projects to a high standard.

David Hickling - Junior Developer Apprentice

David joined the team in April 2022. He is currently working on his training with the expectation to become a Full Stack Developer in the future. David might be new to the team, but he has quickly shown his great potential as a developer. Although he is training at the moment he has expressed how eager he is to begin working on projects to help push his skill set to new heights.

How do you get started?

Reach out to us via our contact page, phone us up on +447784376155 or message us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.