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Previously TSL staff were running inductions on-site in a classroom setting, with the average induction taking between 1-2 hours to complete per subcontractor. These inductions were difficult to share and easy to lose as they were all paper based. This caused TSL to take the leap and create an online dashboard to allow for inductions to help manage admin and inductions. However, they needed a way to allow for subcontractors to easily be inducted on-site without the messy paper trail and a more eco friendly touch.

We created a bespoke mobile application that quickly and easily allowed their subcontractors to induct themselves as a TSL subcontractor with various language options, competency checks and documentation/image uploads to reduce paper waste. Once completed we connected the app to TSL’s already existing dashboard so all subcontractor submissions, data and competencies would be safely store and managed within TSL’s Cloud user database.

Since creation of the TSL app we have worked on many more projects with TSL to help improve their overall day to day operations as well as creating a Induction app for their sister company Castlemore Homes Ltd. Other projects include, a health and safety E-learning platform with accreditation, another app for managing notices to clean and damage reports as well as a multitude of improvements and maintenance updates to the TSL Induction app.

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