Vale Gardens

Vale Gardens are an amazing store in Evesham that supports the growth of rural communities by having a simple and speedy way to sell supplies, gardening equipment and feed. They support their local community with regular competitions and have a divinity for our furry friends by providing veterinary medicine support. We began working with them because they wanted a spruce up of their old website and had some specific requirements with delivery and checkout.

Website e-Commerce

Web Dashboard

Customised delivery logic

Optimised UI/UX


October 2022

They were experiencing considerable tension with their outdated and complicated eCommerce platform and needed a partner to lean on to provide guidance and expertise in making the necessary changes to modernise their online presence.

We addressed the primary issue by leveraging Shopify with its user-friendly interface and modern functionality. From here, we optimised the various user flows that enabled them to expand their catalogue with ease, simplifying the customer checkout process, and introducing automations that alleviate any tension when shipping orders.

During the handover process we provided them with additional training for using their new website features and eCommerce store systems to ensure they were confident moving forward.


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