Our Delivery service ensures your product reaches your audience seamlessly and efficiently. From the first stages of deployment, to handover of the solution, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. By the time you see your product available, you’ll have everyone prepped and ready to take over, and have the marketing lead-up you need to launch your solution.

We’ll do more than hand you the keys, we’re your co-pilots on this journey.

Once we’re at the point of handover, we’ll arrange time with your users to walk them through the solution and help them understand its purpose and functions. We’re no stranger to visiting a client and providing in-person training (we can always go remote!).

  • Hand-on workshops for onboarding users and staff.
  • Shareable presentations to give everyone the tools to help themselves.
  • Direct support from the team who made the solution.

Every business has a following, and we’ll help guide you in setting up, monitoring and posting on the most relevant platforms to your business and solution. We’ll get to know what tone you want to speak to your audience with, and tailor your profiles and posts to best represent that.

  • Automated posts scheduled to peak viewing times for your target audience.
  • Comprehensive targeted advert campaigns. Google, Facebook, Tiktok, and much more!
  • Boost brand awareness and drive engagement.
  • Foster a brand-loyal community.

We’ve been working “Agile” for some years, and if you’re unfamiliar this simply means we take an approach that is geared towards delivering efficiently, providing quality-assured solutions and bracing for changes at any stage to tailor the solution perfectly to evolving needs of the users, and your own vision.

  • Work culture of continuous improvement, and self-assessment.
  • Dynamic approach to allow for priority changes to the solution.
  • Focus on transparency, inspection and adaptability.

Above all, quality assurance is key and is essential regardless of the service or product you request. We understand the importance of QA in solutions, and commit our time to performing rigorous testing processes, automating those where possible, eliminating defects and ensuring a seamless experience for all users and customers.

  • Continuous bug tracking and resolution.
  • A focus on quality, precision, and continuous improvement.
  • Know your software solutions are primed for success.

Email us your questions, ideas, and project requirements, and let’s get started!

Our team is always ready to collaborate and bring your project to life.

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