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We are constantly engaging in an ever-expanding range of project and consultancy work. We've worked with local and online businesses, non-profit organizations and consulted for large scale multi-national companies such as IKEA. You can find some more information on some of our more recent web-design projects here, if you're interested in the high-standard results we can deliver.

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Cloud Migration and Development.

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Unilever is a British-Dutch multinational consumer goods company co-headquartered in London, England, and Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Tessa is a mobile loyalty app for receiving discounts in return for uploading supermarket receipts. Founded by Unilever, Tessa features a unique custom built receipt processing pipeline behind the scenes, extracting data to get to know the Dutch consumer better.

Developyn was brought on board to help transition its infrastructure from Heroku to the AWS Cloud. We played a key role in reducing costs of the pre-existing AWS infrastructure by 40% across all the AWS accounts. After the migration was complete Developyn provided a FullStack Software Developer to the project, integrating with the existing project team to help deliver new features and maintain the old infrastructure. This comprised of the backend APIs that service the application, a full admin CMS system allowing product owners and marketeers to change the look and feel of the web and mobile applications dynamically and data pipelines allowing Unilever to extract anonymous user data for further analysis.

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Solution Architecture and Development.

Founded by Unilever as a sister to the Tessa app, Vink is a mobile shopping list app that combines more than 14 retailers and their offers into one.

Users are able to search for products and receive the best promotions currently active across their favourite stores and add them to their list. Developyn were the lead solutions architect on the project and delivered an infrastructure that was scalable with minimal maintenance at little cost and responded with minimal latency so users could get the best possible experience on the application. Within 6 weeks a production ready app was delivered to the app stores, ready to be continuously improved as users came in. A serverless microservice approach was taken comprising of many AWS Serverless Services (notably Lambda & DynamoDB). The system was capable of scaling to 50,000 users with no additional costs or maintenance needed. At peak, it was seeing 1000 user sign-ups a day and the application reached the top 15 in the Netherlands for productivity apps. To help rapid development, Developyn designed and implemented a custom CI/CD pipeline to detect changes and deploy relevant services. This allowed the small development team to focus on what mattered and not spend their time setting up and maintaining servers or crossing wires with each other.

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