Custom WP plugin


December 2023

We were approached by Customark to help update their existing WordPress site and to bring their Amazon reviews to their website. With no existing plugins to fit their needs, they needed something bespoke.

Customarks website was running slow and didn’t have the power backing it to allow for a smooth user experience nor did the website have an optimised layout to help the user navigate from page to page.

Our team redesigned their website with constant communication with Customark to ensure the redesign fit their business and their brand.

We redesigned the website from it’s original baseline site, updating every page and building new pages alongside. Once completed we did server maintenance to and increased the ram on the server to allow the Customark website to be speedier than ever before.

We also developed a custom WordPress plugin that allowed Customark to automatically retrieve their Amazon reviews and display them anywhere on their website.

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Swift kicks and transactions with WooCommerce integration.

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