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Mobile gambling application with a focus on purely social betting between friends.

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I would highly recommend working with Developyn. They are all very knowledgeable and always go the extra mile to ensure successful and timely delivery.

Betsquad is a mobile application designed to be the ultimate social football betting app. Betsquad allows simple bets between friends without the added complexity of a middleman, encouraging social interaction and friendly wagers in a responsible gambling environment that can be accessed from anywhere. Developyn has worked with Betsquad for a number of years and has been involved in both the design of the website and the mobile application.

A seamless user-friendly betting experience, with responsibly handled, accessible data.

Initially to design an engaging website for Betsquad that highlighted its socially-driven gambling environment that separates it from the large range of other betting applications. Further tasks included the management of back-end data handling including payment setup, transactions, age/user verification and other infrastructure. This back-end data also required a user-friendly admin dashboard to ensure easy on-going data analysis going forward. Resource allocation, app stability, and data security are a priority so the infrastructure for the project was built in the Cloud.

We set out with the following goals in mind:

  • Create a responsive, modern website. The design must effetively deliver on Betsquad's marketing and customer engagement strategy.
  • Implement a stable, and secure mobile application. Both in terms of back-end data-handling and infrastructure. This will involve building the project within a Cloud computing platform for increased efficiency in terms of resource allocation, speed and security.
  • Ensure the app presents an easily navigable user interface. This involes a seamless playing experience through all stages of a bet, while displaying sensitive information securely and only in relevant areas.
  • Create a back-end admin dashboard. The dashboard must accurately and securely display information, and ensure perfect data-handling in terms of transactions, age and user verification, customer information and social features.
  • Include steps within the application infrastructure and marketing that encourage responsible gambling. These must be in-line with any governmental guidelines and be prominent enough to be read, without distracting from engagement.

A truly successful ongoing full-stack project resulting in a project we are proud of.

The Betsquad website was launched in 2018 and easily achieves its specifications and marketing goals. Back-end infrastructure for transaction and user verification, as well as a user-friendly admin dashboard were implemented throughout 2019. Infrastructure of the project was built in the Cloud to ensure a stable and secure platform. Since then, we have been providing continuous maintenance support, restructuring back-end work to better suit Betsquad's future. The application has recently gone live in 2020, and current work has involved setting up test servers to allow update trials before going live to the application. We are also currently working on GamStop integration, which is a non-profit self exclusion initiative for the UK where players can bar themselves from gambling, encouraging responsibility. Betsquad are one of our longest standing clients and we are extremely proud of our positive working relationship, and the project so far.