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We were referred to Meir Global by one of the internal members of the Developyn team after deciding that they were in need of a new website for their already well-established business. Meir Global is an international HR consultancy firm operating worldwide, with members of their team often spending extended periods of time working abroad in locations such as the USA, UAE and Europe.

A Bespoke HR Service

The Meir Global website was a project that we completed in March of 2021 after roughly 2 weeks of development time. They had previously built their own website but it was very basic and consisted mainly of powerpoint images with text on them. The company’s new website was to give a more up to date and professional look while remaining informative. Part of the reason that they needed a website redesign was due to the nature of the images previously on the site and how they would be negatively affected in an SEO sense, as any text in an image and not actually placed onto the site would not be picked up when the site was crawled. The website helps to display the company’s identity, who they are and what they do, as well as detailing some of the benefits of working with them and what they can offer to prospective clients.

This project marked the first of our new WordPress website design service, and we were eager to show great results to prove that branching out in this direction was the right move for the company. We had created designs of how both single-page and multiple-page websites would be built and fundamentally operate, so when we knew what we were doing it did not take us long at all to implement our game plan for the project. WordPress is a great option for non-tech savvy website owners as they are able to make their own adjustments (with a little patience!) and edit the site however they see fit without the requirement of technical programming knowledge.

We split the site up into different sections, both with the divided homepage as well as the multiple pages explaining different aspects of the company’s workings, as well as serving separate functions. The homepage is divided up into different sections, each offering a message about the company and offering a great contrast for a visually appealing experience. We also embedded several PDFs into the site at the client’s request, which open upon clicking and display further information regarding their work structure and what they offer other businesses.

  • WordPress redesign We gave the site a much needed makeover/rework to bring it up to standard with other modern business websites in terms of attractiveness and visual appeal.
  • Reorganised client logos We gave Meir Global's client portfolio section a more eye-catching and organised look, making the list of high-profile clients they have worked with stand out and be more noticeable and interactive for website visitors with a clickable carousel.
  • Content rework and benefits Not only did we increase the attractiveness of the site, the actual content has been brushed up and made more digestible to really focus on the benefits of working with the company. Having the content as text on the website will now do wonders for their SEO as Google now has actual text to examine.
  • Easy to see and accessible PDFs We embedded PDF files into the website which open once clicked. These offer a further insight into the workings of the company and the benefits of what they can offer. These also help the content to be more digestible while also allowing the viewer to download them and take them away for future reference should they wish to. These were placed on the services and contact page as the PDFs’ importance means they should not be missed.

Meir Global is a project we were more than happy to take on as we knew a WordPress service would benefit them greatly in many different aspects. This also gave us the opportunity to use our new WordPress service to great success. We finished the site within a couple days and had it officially released just over a week after being presented with the content. The client was excited with the result and the website received many complimentary comments on social media. We were really pleased with the feedback as we always strive to offer a great experience to every client, and achieving satisfactory results the first time around is something we pride ourselves on greatly.