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Developing high-quality, autism-friendly housing.

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We were approached by Sondar upon referral from an affiliate of Developyn- Matt Willsone, a graphic designer we work closely alongside. Sondar is a new company that specialises in the development of supported accommodation for people with Autism, and is partnered with Pedder and Scampton architects. One of Sondar’s goals is to be commissioned by local authorities to develop housing within their communities.

A professional property development website with the aim of making a difference.

Their website,, was a project that we completed in early 2021. It acted as an online home for the company; giving an insight into what they do and how they can make a difference, as well as presenting the company in a positive and professional light with a clean presentation of themselves. Before any major development commenced, we produced a detailed wireframe and a proposal to flesh out all required features to ensure both parties had the same vision in mind. For this project, we also benefited from the service of the graphic designer Matt Willsone, enabling the site a clean look with a professional image to give it the mass appeal it will need in today’s web space.

Prior to release, we designed an ‘under construction’ page that people could sign up to in order to receive an email notification when the site went live, and we also created a private test version of the site that the client could log onto at anytime to document the progress of the website and witness their vision being brought into fruition.

The client also required us to build a private members area part of the site for approved members as well as an admin dashboard area where they could view the list of site members and grant, deny or revoke access to new or existing applicants. When someone applies to become a member of this site, the admins receive a notification via email, which then gives them a prompt to access the dashboard and act upon the request.

The members area of the site contained the more sensitive information belonging to the company, in order to reduce the risk of it being stolen for someone else's gain, and this level of security was bolstered by the admins having the ability to screen new applicants for potential risk of infiltration by unwanted third parties.

We set out with the following goals in mind:

  • Admin Dashboard Sondar admins can view a list of who is a member on their website, and grant or revoke access to new applicants or existing members.
  • Clean and refreshing look and feel Professional graphic design has given a really aesthetically pleasing image to the company’s online presence.
  • Members Area Applicants can apply to become members of the site to learn more about the company and what they can offer.

Overall we spent around 4 weeks developing this website and to our absolute pleasure the client was more than satisfied with the result. Sondar is a company with a good cause embedded into it at a fundamental level, and is taking every step of its journey very seriously and leaving no stone unturned. For this, we are sure that they will see great successes with this venture and will surely achieve their goal of impressing and working with local authorities.